About Us

“ONE Minute for Peace” meditation campaign

“What we think, what we express, and what we feel affect everything else on Earth. By sending waves of peace and love through the powerful transmitter that is our brain, we can make this planet more peaceful.” Maitreya Rael

Recent scientific studies have shown how our positive or negative thoughts affect the environment, depending on what thoughts we choose. A few hundred people meditating for peace in one city can lower the crime rate of that city. Therefore, if every person on Earth can contribute one minute of meditation for peace and love, we can change the entire planet!

In 2012, Maitreya Rael, spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement was inspired to launch a campaign based on that very idea. People around the world organized and promoted “One Minute for Peace” gatherings on busy street corners, in malls and in locations near public transport. The campaign quickly gained momentum and has now spread to every continent.

We don’t have to feel powerless as we watch this planet’s never-ending anger, wars and violence. We just have to trust the power of our brains to make a difference. Even one person using his or her brain to send waves of peace and love can change the world! More people doing it means reaching world peace sooner. This is simple and not mystical at all.

Please join us! Whether you’re at home, at work, or close to one of our thousands of “one minute for peace” booths around the world, if you allow your mind to stop for just one minute to visualize peace on Earth, you will be a major force for change.   You can give peace a chance!